Why We Chose Turkish Vans

Our interest in Turkish Vans goes back to the late 1990's and a television programme that discussed the breed, featuring the late Lois Miles. Having fell in love with them there and then, we contacted the Classic Turkish Van Cat Association with a view to taking on a rescue cat. Although that didn't work out, we did get to meet several Turkish Van owners and breeders, and visited the National Cat Club show at Earls Court where we enjoyed seeing more Turkish Vans, and where we reaffirmed our desire to own one.

Shortly after, we visited a breeder and came home with Jack, our first Turkish Van kitten! Jack was our first show cat, who achieved the title of Grand Premier, but who we sadly lost in 2008 at the age of nearly 11.

Once smitten with the breed, the next progression was to purchase a breeding queen, Tia, who presented us with our first litter of kittens in 1999, and from that point onwards there was no looking back!

Breeding Experience

Since our first ever litter of kittens from Tia, we have bred over 20 litters of Turkish Vans, Turkish Angoras, and Bengals, in a period spanning over 10 years. Although we enjoyed having the Bengal and Angora kittens we have constantly been drawn back to our first love of the Van, and no longer breed the others.

Over the following several years we were elected onto the Committee of the Classic Turkish Van Cat Association where we were pivotal in establishing a website and assisting with rescues & rehomes, and more lately have moved to join the Committee of the Turkish Van Cat Club. In between we were instrumental in setting up the Turkish Cat Society to represent the white Vans, and were very proud when in 2005 they gained Preliminary Status with the GCCF, thereby allowing them to be registered and shown as Turkish Vankedisi. This appeared to open the flood-gates, and today the white Turkish Vans can be shown in GCCF and FIFe cat shows, as well as in TICA shows where they can compete for titles against other Turkish Vans and other breeds.

Recently we have also bred Tibetan Mastiff dogs, which although clearly different in some ways, still shares many common similarities. The birthing process is remarkably similar, as is the care and attention necessary to ensure the babies have the best possible start in life. Whether we’re raising puppies or kittens the principle is the same, they need careful supervision, health checks, and of course lots of love. Weaning is actually slightly harder with kittens, although they are much cleaner – kittens quickly learn to use a litter tray!

Turkish Van Breeding Program

In 2004 we imported our first white Turkish Van stud, Adam. The pure white Turkish Vans (also known as Vankedisi) were rarely seen prior to this, with just a very few cats used for breeding, but none of them on the show benches due to them at that time not being of an accepted colour. By exhibiting Adam at both GCCF and TICA shows we helped to promote the breed, and Adam since went on to sire two litters, and a progeny of both white and van-patterned cats that continues today with Indi.

We are committed to breeding fit, healthy kittens of auburn, cream, and white colours, and pride ourselves in the temperament of our kittens and our adult cats. Our cats are pets foremost, and as much as possible live with us around the house (with the exception of stud boys who for hopefully obvious reasons cannot be kept indoors with the others).

Today we have two breeding queens and one stud boy, although this situation will change as time goes on. We also have several neutered Turkish Vans, Turkish Angoras, Bengals, and Maine Coons, who grace us by allowing us to share their house with them!

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